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  • J. Manski

Excursion to the open pit mine at Rüdersdorf - Class 6b

First, our class met our tutor, Mrs. Minge, at 8 o`clock in our classroom.

Then we went to the big bus. The weather was sunny as we took the bus.

The busdriver drove us to the open pit mine in Rüdersdorf. The nature

was so beautiful! When we arrived we had our breakfast and then walked

to the museum. A tour guide took us through the museum and showed

us videos how they mine and different minerals. In the afternoon it rained

a bit but overall the weather was ok. Wealso mined on a mountain with

a hammer. That was cool!We also learned how to use a pickaxe! We

collected fossils and some of us also learned how a stone oven works and

how explosions work! It was a lot of fun ☺

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